The Story of Sorrel — Joseph R. Lallo

Isn’t that just the most awesome cover?

This book is supposed to be a side shoot from The Book of Deacon series, and while it is a fairly stand alone story, i do feel its quite an important part of the series and a definite must read if you want to fully enjoy the whole series.   It is best read right before The Crescents, as, although The Crescents is set many years in the future, The Story of Sorrel sets the stage for everything that happens in The Crescents.

So, what about the story?   Well, obviously from the cover art, we’re dealing with Sorrel, who is a malthrope, and a rather large dragon.   Yes, i admit it, i love dragons, and any good story about dragons always gets a big thumbs up from me, and this is a very good dragon story.   Malthropes are really interesting creatures that Joseph created for this series and mixing up a story with malthropes and dragons is, quite simply, wonderful.

I say malthropes, plural, because you will remember from reading The Rise of the Red Shadow that when Sorrel left she wasn’t alone, she had her two children with her.   So along with Sorrel’s story we also get to find out what happened to the children too.

So a completely new environment, a completely new dragon, fairies and malthropes, and maybe a few other things as well.   It’s Joseph at his best and absolutely essential reading for Deacon fans everywhere.

The 11th book in The Book of Deacon series.

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