About Me

A monochrome photo of me on my Kindle Paperwhite screen.So what’s there to say about me?   Well firstly, i’m a Kindleworm — that’s like a bookworm but one that uses a Kindle.

I love to read books on my ‘Kindle Paperwhite’, but only good books.   I’m not too fussy about genres, though i do have my favourites.

I quite enjoy doing a little writing as well, which is why i do this book review blog: to assuage the need to write something — and i get to keep my typing up to speed at the same time.

Do i have any ambitions to write my own book one day?   I wouldn’t say ambition, i think ambition is too strong a word for my feelings towards it, but it’s certainly on the bucket list of things that i’d like to know i’d done at least once when i breath my last breath, but i won’t die unhappy if i haven’t managed it — there’s lots of things on my bucket list and i can’t see myself getting to do all of them.   That’s how bucket lists should be, just a big list of things that would be nice to have done before you die and when life presents opportunities, which it will, to take steps closer to achieving a thing on your bucket list, then grasp that opportunity and see where it takes you.   Just don’t get upset if you don’t get an opportunity, that either means you’re not paying attention for opportunities or it just means you haven’t got enough things on your bucket list.   So either start paying more attention for opportunities or simply add more things to your bucket list and eventually you’ll find an opportunity arising to satisfy one of them.   And do remember, you are always allowed to add and subtract, to and from your bucket list any time you like as well.   Bucket lists should be fun.

And there i go off on a tangent once again.   Yes, one definite thing ‘about me’ is that i’m always going off on tangents.   The thing with tangents is that if you follow them long enough, you’ll always end up back at the radius where you started.   Or you can hop off anywhere along the way and not worry about where you actually started.

And i suppose that’s one of the reasons i like writing, is that i can always look and see where i started and work my way back to it somehow.

So back to ‘about me’.   I’m also into health, fitness and longevity, and you can see all about that stuff over on Growing Young, so i won’t go into that here.

And i really like playing with WordPress.org and making nice looking websites out of it.   My plan is to eventually make a portfolio website for a bunch of website entities like this one, each with their own unique design, topic and flavour.   Why?   Because i actually like doing all this coding stuff and seeing how much i can alter the wordpress engine with my own alterations to the code.   And maybe a few people who want me to do some web design will find it and give me some work.

Other things: ain’t got no pets, no pool, and since quitting cocoa, coffee and vaping nicotine — the last of my vices left from a hedonistic previous life — i no longer have any vices left: i’m now, officially, boring.   Yeah!!!   I’ve done all the smoking, drinking, drugs and wild parties that most normal people would take several lifetimes to manage and now that i’m in my mid 50’s i want a nice, peaceful and quiet life, reading and writing, and keeping myself fit and healthy so that i can read and write for many years to come.

And that pretty much sums up ‘me’.