Arrrgh!!! — and a Coffee Recipe

Too many websites, not enough life.

Too much everything and not enough life.

Still, i discovered the most delicious coffee today…

Get a 400ml+ mug, we’re having coffee so no pissy little thimble things: this ain’t France!!!
17.5ml Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso
12.5ml Dr Oetker cocoa
10ml Demerara sugar
Pour on refrigerated and shaken 100g Alpro original cashew juice
Pour on 260g Boiling water
Stir really well and enjoy.

Hint…   Buy a proper set of stainless steel teaspoon measures.   1tsp = 5ml   &   1/2tsp = 2.5ml

Guestimating with various sized, common garden teaspoons will never lead to anything tasting consistent and if it isn’t consistent then it won’t taste as nice as it should, because all human brains are hardwired to like consistency: the more consistent something we normally consume is the more our brains register that it is safe to consume.   This is why people clamour for those corporate clone coffee shops so much, it’s not that their coffee is actually better than anyone else’s, it’s because it’s always made exactly the same in every shop, it’s the consistency of taste, temperature, and even how it’s served.

Remember, it’s consistency and how often you consume the consistent that makes things taste nice: mcfilth — and other crappy junk food pushers — have been exploiting this hardwiring towards consistency for decades.   You can use the same hard wiring to make good things taste better for yourself in your own home: weigh and measure things with accurate measuring utensils.

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