Click here to enlarge the picture of a normal daily Bookbub email.What is Bookbub?

Bookbub is a website that lists all the latest special offers and reductions on books and sends you an email every day of all the books in your selected categories that are going cheap or free.

There’s also an option to follow your favourite writers and Bookbub will then send you an email whenever those writers have a book going cheap or free.

Obviously, being a Kindleworm, the reason i’m talking about it is that it lists all the latest offers for Kindle.   But that’s not all, you get to chose the platform you want the offers for.   There’s currently a choice between “Amazon Kindle”, “Kobo”, “Google Play” and that evil place of which decent people never do speak.

I really can’t recommend Bookbub enough.   As one who judges books by covers and titles (especially 99p ones) the emails are great (the pic on the left is exactly what the daily email looks like) with a good pic of the book’s cover, the title nicely displayed with a short synopsis underneath, discounted price, and a link to your chosen platform for each book.   You’ll be surprised at how soon you’ll be judging books by covers (and 99p deals) and what new, wonderful literary adventures you’ll soon be having and totally enjoying.

So have at it.   Sign up today, it’s free, and they don’t pester you other than sending you great book offers according to your own selections.   What’s not to like?