Peter Pan and Neverland

Peter Pan statueAll the Peter Pan and Neverland stories i’ve read so far in suggested reading order.

So, to start at the very beginning we have:

The Little White Bird; or, Adventures in Kensington Gardens — J.M. Barrie   This was the original story within which Peter Pan makes his first literary appearance.   It’s worth reading if you want a bit of background on the Peter Pan character, but more worth reading as a wonderful story in its own right and masterful piece of Vic Lit.

Then comes the classical tale:

Peter Pan — J.M. Barrie   This is the one we all think we know and love — or have we forgotten the real story and characters and been tainted by films and popular ideals?   Worth reading to refresh yourself, just like Peter and his forgetfulness, you maybe surprised at what you forgot from your childhood.

And for the Peter Pan anoraks out there, this is when i suggest reading:

Margaret Ogilvy — J.M. Barrie   This is the point when i discovered that this book existed and read it, as having read the first 2 books i was left very curious about the background to those stories.   I felt that it fitted in really well reading it after the first two books, so this is where i recommend reading it.

Next up:

Pan — Christopher Ruz   A magazine short story that i only found after reading Lost Boy but was written before:  there’s quite a bit of similarity between them.

And then:

Lost Boy — Christina Henry   A much more fleshed out version of Pan by Christopher Ruz.   This really adds a whole new dimension to the original tale.   A must read for all Peter Pan fans.

And i even went and found a Neverland pirate and mermaid story for you:

Great Gerta and the Mermaid — Mari Ness   All good fun.

And don’t think it ends there, i’m sure i will get around to adding some more Peter Pan and Neverland books in the future.   Also, if you have any suggestions for Peter Pan and Neverland books that are available on Kindle then please contact me, i’d love to add them to my reading list.