Free Kindle Apps — PC, Android etc..

Yes, it’s true, you don’t actually have to even buy a Kindle to enjoy reading Kindle books.   You can simply download the relevant app for whatever devices you want to read on and have at it and enjoy the bargains.

Of course, a real Kindle is a much better experience on the eyes, and far better for reading in the evening — not being back lit — but if you can’t afford a Kindle, or sometimes want to use other devices to read on, then there’s an app for everyone.

The best of it is that Kindle syncs your books across all devices that you have your account connected to.   So wherever i leave a book on my Kindle Paperwhite, i’ll find it at the same place on any other device connected to my account — how cool is that?

So what ya waiting for?   Get on Kindle today and enjoy reading some great books at really great prices (and thousands upon thousands of free ones too), from probably the biggest, public-access library ever.