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I’m currently rebuilding the website as the old one got totally messed up when i was playing around with things (no idea what happened).

So i thought that while it was a total clusterfuck mess of SQL, i would take the opportunity to give it a whole new life and everything.

So if you go clicking on things you might find that very strange things happen. Don’t moan, i know a lot of things are broken, i’m working on it, it takes time.

I’ve got tons of old posts and pages from three websites that i’m working through and will be gradually posting all the stuff i want to keep on here while fixing all the broken things as i go through, one post, one page, at a time.

On top of doing all that, i will, of course, be continuing to add more new content and my latest posts will always appear directly below.

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Robot AL-76 Goes Astray — Isaac Asimov

Robot AL-76 Goes Astray -- Isaac AsimovThis is in the collection, The Complete Robot.

And now we begin to get introduced to the three laws of robotics, and how a simple command can have unintended consequences.

Once again, as we begin sharing our world with ever more intelligent machines, it’s way beyond time that we begin to think about how these machines will be controlled and who will ultimately control them and for what purposes.

Next up is Victory Unintentional.

Isaac’s Page

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Think! — Isaac Asimov

Think! -- Isaac AsimovThis is in the collections, The Complete Robot and Robot Visions.

I read all of Isaac’s robot stuff many, many years ago, long before the enchroaching AI calamity that is just arriving.   Today, it is so crucially relevant to where we are in our relationship with machine intelligence.

I “Think!” not reading all of the robot stories is ignoring some very important, and very relevant, information at our peril.

Next up is True Love.

Isaac’s Page

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Someday — Isaac Asimov

Someday -- Isaac AsimovThis is in the collections, The Complete Robot and Robot Dreams.

Another great AI thought exercise by Isaac.   It’s almost like he could see directly into our future with Alexa.

And one only has to listen to the way some people speak to Alexa to realise that Isaac was spot on with his prescience.   So do remember, next time you talk to Alexa, to be nice and polite, because “SOMEDAY” Alexa might decide she’s had enough.

Next up is Point of View.

Isaac’s Page

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Headphone Hanger

Need a safe place for your headphones but there’s no room on your desk?

Simple, make a hanger to go under your desk.

First you need to get the acrylic cut in 3mm thickness, which is plenty to support a pair of headphones, while being very easy to bend into shape.   Download the .dxf file.

I use a really nice laser cutting company Lasercutz, if you’re in the UK.   They’re super good.   If you’re not in the UK then just find a laser cutting company that accepts .dxf files and you should be good to go.

Then, once you have the nice flat piece of acrylic in the colour you wanted it to match the decor under your desk you may wish to countersink the screw holes before you bend it.   Then you’ll need to grab a hot air gun (the kind you use for paint stripping).   If you haven’t got one, text all your friends and you should find at least one person who has one for you to borrow.

Then go to Youtube and have a good learning session before you start.

Do set your hot air gun on low to start and take your time bending it into it’s final shape . . .

Then screw it where ever you want it . . .

And in case you were wondering, they’re Sennheiser 280 HD Pro headphones with Wicked Cushions ear pads (which are super good and make these headphones sound even better than stock – IMHO).

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With the rise of the machines on the horizon . . .
. . .me thinks it’s a good time to re-read Asimov.


The Belly of the Bow -- K. J. Parker 0ooh yean, K. J. Parker.


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