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I’m currently rebuilding the website as the old one got totally messed up when i was playing around with things (no idea what happened).

So i thought that while it was a total clusterfuck mess of SQL, i would take the opportunity to give it a whole new life and everything.

So if you go clicking on things you might find that very strange things happen. Don’t moan, i know a lot of things are broken, i’m working on it, it takes time.

I’ve got tons of old posts and pages from three websites that i’m working through and will be gradually posting all the stuff i want to keep on here while fixing all the broken things as i go through, one post, one page, at a time.

On top of doing all that, i will, of course, be continuing to add more new content and my latest posts will always appear directly below.

Or, if you prefer, you can also follow me on Twitter and Pinterest where i put a link to all new posts.


PCB: 5t4n5-Macropad-18-3 Rev 1

Some more pcb porn.   This time it’s for my new macropad that i’ve just started building.

Because i wanted the whole thing as low profile as i can get it, i had to make separate pcb’s for the switches and the rotary encoders, as i wanted the rotary encoders to sit down inside the board as low as possible . . .

They’re both double sided so i can build the macropads left or right handed by simply turning the boards over.   You have to order a minimum of five boards so i’m going to have 4 sets left over so it seemed silly to make them all one sided.

The build pics will be coming whenever i get it finished.

Bye for now.

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The Proof House — K. J. Parker

The Proof House -- K. J. ParkerThe trilogy comes to an end, and what an end it was.

It’s been a long journey with all kinds of shenanigans and twists and turns along the way, and i was never really aware of where the story was going and how it was ultimately going to conclude — which is a good thing.   So i won’t spoil it for anyone by giving away the ending.

Anyway, in the last book, we left off with all our favourite characters scattering to the four winds, and in this book we soon find them again getting up to their usual shenanigans.   Bardas has found himself another war with lots of killing, death and mayhem to get involved in, which, as usual is the centre piece of the story as it drags everyone else in.   So there’s plenty of great story telling to keep you rolling along until the end.

For me, this has been a great trilogy that i totally recommend if you enjoy good historical war fighting stuff with a nice dose of magical interference thrown in to stir things up and cause a fair bit of chaos.

K. J.’s Page

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1984 — George Orwell

1984 -- George OrwellThis is a book that i used for typing practice over at TypeLit.

It’s rather an enjoyable way to read a book, while at the same time being incredibly useful in improving ones typing.

Quite a good read, but so dystopian, and the ending wasn’t what i was hoping for.   It does remind me of just how lucky i am to live in a country where we have the freedoms that we do, and how important it is to ensure those freedoms aren’t eroded by anyone.   It is up to all of us to ensure that those freedoms are exercised sensibly, with consideration of other sentient beings and, ultimately, that the boundaries of those freedoms are continuously tested and where possible, extended.

So well worth a read or a type for everyone.

Not the easiest of books to type as it has sooooo many capitalised words, uncommon words, and also words that just don’t exist outside of this book: which while adding up to great typing practice, can be really frustrating at times.

1984 -- George Orwell typing practice results

George’s Page

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Let’s Get Together — Isaac Asimov

Let's Get Together -- Isaac AsimovThis is in the collection, The Complete Robot.

A fairly “meh” story.   If you can’t guess what’s going on long before you’re told in the story then you’re a bit lacking in something.

But, one has to read the whole of the robot stories so one just has to accept that there’s going to be the odd one that just lacks somewhat and just get on and read it.

Next up is going to be, Mirror Image.

Isaac’s Page

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James Clear

James Clear

“Don’t wait to start writing until you have something to say.   Start writing so you can find out what you have to say.

You first idea is rarely your best idea.   It can take a lot of reps before you discover something worth keeping.”

Source: Newsletter May 9, 2024.

. . . which is a great newsletter that i happily suggest everyone signs up for.   Give it a go, it’s free, unsubscribe if it’s not for you, but, who knows, you just might learn something worthwhile.

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To Protect -- Mickey Zucker Reichert A spin off from Robots all about Susan Calvin’s early years.


With the rise of the machines on the horizon . . .
. . .me thinks it’s a good time to re-read Asimov.


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