It’s a Bit Like Poetry: Init!

A Exercise
Internet Futility
Once upon a time, i decided to give Instagram a go.
Instagram gave me an image space of 1000px square to play with and as books aren’t square i decided to fill the rest of the space with some words.   So i started writing little poems, ditties, and other such literary things, about some of books i’ve reviewed.   You will find below all the 1000px square images i created, reproduced here — longingly — for your perusal and approval.
Alas, i gave up on Instagram for various reasons, mostly because i considered it completely pointless and futile to be wasting one’s life on such things.  I may even get around to writing a page concerning internet futility at some point in the future, but more than likely i’ll just consider doing so a completely futile exercise and simply not bother: it’s not like anyone’s going to actually read it and take any notice.
To futility and beyond…


Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore instagram pic.

Free Wrench Instagram pic.

Ajax Penumbra 1969, instagram pic.

The Calderan Problem Instagram pic.

Sourdough, Instagram pic.

Cipher Hill Instagram pic.