Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J Anderson.


Hunting Harkonnens (Tales of Dune)
The Butlerian Jihad
Whipping Mek (Tales of Dune)
The Machine Crusade
The Faces of a Martyr (Tales of Dune)
The Battle of Corrin
Sisterhood of Dune
Mentats of Dune
Red Plague (Tales of Dune)
Navigators of Dune
House Atreides
House Harkonnen
House Corrino
Paul of Dune (Parts II, IV, VI)
Wedding Silk (Tales of Dune)
Winds of Dune (Part II)
Whisper of Caladan Seas (Tales of Dune)
The Waters of Kanly
Paul of Dune (Parts I, III, V, VII)
The Winds of Dune (Part IV)
The Road to Dune
Dune Messiah
The Winds of Dune (Parts I, III, V)
Children of Dune
God Emperor of Dune
Heretics of Dune
Sea Child
Chapter House Dune
Hunters of Dune
Treasure in the Sand (Tales of Dune)
Sandworms of Dune



Much at Stake – 1991
Travailiant – 2017


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