What Fuckwit Arranged This?

Once upon a time big sporting events used to take each other into account and arrange things on different days.   Not any more.

In the information technology age, full of incredible computing superpower that can calculate pi to a billion places in 10 minutes and even beat a human at Scrabble all while streaming a show on Netflix, some fuckwit decided to pick this weekend to put on the Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix, the USA MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 Grand Prix, and the Rome Formula E race.

And they even managed to muscle in on Paris Roubaix as well.

Now that is a proper royal clusterfuck of epic proportions for these great, world class, sporting events.

It really beggars belief that these fuckwits can’t just get together at some point during the year and work out between themselves not to trample over each other’s sport like this.

So i’m having to survive on a shit load of coffee until late Sunday evening.   #nosleeptillmonday

Ho hum!

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