Tony Bertauski

Tony BertauskiI came across Tony when Amazon put Halfskin Boxed on sale for 99p.   And what a great story it was — very well written too.

Since then i’ve read The Socket Greeny Saga — which was awesome — and i also have Foreverland waiting in “The Pile” and i’m slowly collecting the rest of Tony’s books.

Apparently there is an order to all of Tony’s books, which Tony will tell you about if you visit his website.

My current plan is to wait until i have all of the Maze books and then have a huge binge read starting at Foreverland and then re-reading Halfskin before reading Maze: which should be a blast.   It’s been a long while since i read Halfskin so it’ll be great to give it another go.

The Socket Greeny Saga

The Making of Socket Greeny
The Discovery of Socket Greeny
The Training of Socket Greeny
The Legend of Socket Greeny


Old Bastards
Seeds of Foreverland
The Annihilation of Foreverland
Foreverland is Dead
Ashes of Foreverland




A Maze Short Story
The Waking of Grey Grimm
The Hunt for Freddy Bills
The Essence of Sunny Grimm

Claus Series

Christmas Presence
Claus: Legend of the Fat Man
Jack: The Tale of Frost
Flury: Journey of a Snowman
Humbug: The Unwinding of Ebenezer Scrooge
Claus: Rise of the Miser
Ronin: The Last Reindeer
Toyland: The Legacy of Wallace Noel
Gingerman: In Search of the Toymaker
Toymaker: Return of the Lost Toys

The Drayton Chronicles

The Drayton Chronicles
The Roots of Drayton

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