The Blacklist — Season 7

The Blacklist usually has some great season endings but, sadly, this season had to end early.   Bummer.

So what we’ve learned this season is that Raymond is on his last legs, health wise, and tidying up his estate ready for the inevitable death.   One would have thought he’d already done that considering his line of work.

Raymond also discovers that Katarina, or whoever she really is, isn’t dead after all.

So now we have to watch yet another season to find out what is actually happening and who Raymond really is.

On a sad note, we have to say a final goodbye to Brian Dennehy, who left us in April.   Over 180 films and many tv shows besides — including The Blacklist of course.   Now that is one really superb innings.



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Dispatches from Elsewhere

Truly a television show with a difference.

I would definitely recommend it to those of us who enjoyed Mr Robot, especially the bits where you realise that everything you just watched is not what it seemed you were watching.   Yeah, another one of those weird, strangely odd endings.

Great cast, great acting, great filming, great location, just great.

I’m presuming that this will be only a single season, i hope it is, because, just like you, it’s special.

Now stop reading this and go and become an agent of divine nonchalance.


I am stan and i am you

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Better Call saul — Season 5

Season 5 certainly didn’t feel anything like as good as previous seasons, like everything became rather stale and a lot of what happens just seems pointless and stocking filling.   It’s all quite reminiscent of Breaking Bad’s two penultimate seasons, which also seemed quite superfluous to the overall story line.

Apparently, season 6 will be the last and one can’t help but think that season 5 has been completely used to set everyone and their story lines up for their finale.   At least, that’s what i’m hoping, because i’d hate to think that season 6 is going to be more like this.

Ho hum, we shall have to keep our collective fingers crossed and wait and see next year.


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Briarpatch — Season 1

After Mr. Robot ended i went in search of more Sam Esmail stuff and found this.

If i was to compare it to anything of recent times then it would have to be Perpetual Grace Ltd..   If you enjoyed PGL then you’ll most probably enjoy this also: both quirky and oddball and both super good.

It’s being reported that this will be the only ever season, and to be honest, it doesn’t need any more and i don’t want any more.   It’s just perfect as it is, ending as it does.   It isn’t broken at one season long so please don’t try and fix it with a second season.

Some day, all tv will be made this way.   Afterall, what the fuck is wrong with just having single season wonders?   Why do we always have to have tv shows go on and on and on, with writers, producers and directors just filling in hours upon hours with tedious shit simply to get some money from tv stations?

Yes folks, i certainly like this one season format.   This is great television, great writing, great acting, great all round everything.

Pay attention and enjoy, you can binge watch the whole thing in a day.


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2CV Line and Wash

Having some fun in my Pink Pig watercolour book.

And i’m rather pleased with how it all turned out.   Still plenty of learning going on and it’s soooo nice to have something constructive and creative to do while the world has gone to chaos.

It’s based upon this photo:

Back soon with another picture.

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Picard — Season 1

Nearly 19 years after the last Voyager episode we finally get a new series worthy for fans of the franchise.

After years of the Star Trek franchise turning out crap like Enterprise and Discovery, dragging up old history and doing it to death, Picard has been such a breath of fresh air.   After all this time we finally move into the future, and what a future we have to look forward to.

Season 1 has been great with Picard running around piecing together a ragtag crew and a ship to deal with a nasty Romulan cult, while also managing to find plenty of time to visit Will and Deanna along the way — which was ever so nice.

And we end the season with the ship and the crew all ready to fly off to a new adventure in season 2 without any Star Fleet control.   The question is, what kind of independent Jean Luc are we going to get without the shackles of Star Fleet around his neck?   Exciting times await …

… Engage!


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Farm at Dusk

Materials:   Jinhao 992 fountain pen with Lotte flavour SketchINK, my new Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolours (i’ll get around to swatching these soon), and a Pink Pig 270 gsm hot press watercolour book.   After the last picture i went and bought a Cotman 13mm flat brush, and i also used a number 2 round.

Plan:   To do another of Peter’s enjoyable paint along tutorials which you can find by clicking here, and get to play with my new 13mm flat brush.

Learned:   The flat brush is very nice and i really enjoyed painting with it.   The Cobalt Blue Deep is very granulating, that sky, whoops.   I bought this colour just because i was curious, well, my curiosity has been served.   Not sure what i shall be doing with this colour in the future, but painting skies on hot press paper doesn’t appear to be one of its good points…

Soooo:   …back to French Ultramarine for skies then.

Next:   As i’m really enjoying doing these tutorials i’m gonna keep on doing them as they’re good drawing practice and challenging plenty enough for me to be learning about my paints.

I forgot to take a pic of the drawing before i painted it.

Back soon with another picture.

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