About Kindle Worm

A Kindle Paperwhite.Kindle Worm is a website mostly devoted to my Kindles and the books i’ve read, am currently reading, and hope to read on them.

I first bought a Kindle Keyboard back in 2011, fell in love with it and when it eventually died from overuse i upgraded to a Paperwhite 3 (the Paperwhite is super nice and i totally recommend it over other Kindles).

So as i no longer have, or need, a real bookshelf, i thought i’d make myself a virtual one.   But whereas a corporeal bookshelf is stuck in a room where not many people get to see it and probably never get as many hours as they’d like to browse through it, a virtual bookshelf is available 24/7/365 for the whole world to wander through for as long as they wish to, and it has reviews and plenty of other things that a corporeal bookshelf doesn’t.   I love the idea of virtual bookshelves almost as much as i love my Kindle Paperwhite.

As to the reviews, i started writing short ones on goodreads, and soon after it became obvious that all my Kindle stuff needs its own website to sprawl into freely.

So i took all those early reviews and put them all on here and then started adding to them, book by book.   Yes, some of those early reviews may be a little lacking, but i’m just starting out in this book review thing and learning to express my thoughts better as i go along.   Mostly, i don’t like forcing anything with my writing: if it’s not there, it’s not there.   I want to let my writing do its own thing and grow naturally with each review and see where it leads.   I simply want to enjoy writing a little bit about how each book i read made me feel and what i felt about the writing.   If you’re looking for a full plot synopsis then you need to look elsewhere, the goal here is just to say what you might expect to feel and come away with from each book.

The “Home Page” is a fairly standard blog thing with all the reviews i’ve written, and maybe some other occasional things, but mostly it’ll be just reviews.   All the reviews from the blog are also listed on the “Reviews” pages, there’s also a whole bunch of books that are waiting to be read in “The Pile”, more in the “Waiting Room” and even more that i’ve read but didn’t review at the time in “The Boneyard”.   And i suppose i should mention that there’s also few books that have found themselves cast upon my bookshelf of infamy: “The Deleted”

Should you feel the need to “Contact Me” for any reason other than spam then please do so, especially if you should notice any obvious mistakes, broken links or anything like that i haven’t noticed: i’ll be eternally grateful, thanks.

As for the rest of the website, please feel free to look around; the menus on the right side of each page covers everything there is to see.   If you want to follow me on social media there’s a list of where i post down towards the bottom of the right hand menu column, and no, before you ask, i don’t use facebook — i have standards.

If, by chance, you come across any “Infinite Improbability Drive” buttons while wandering around, please read the health and safety page and keep your mouse pointer well away.   They’re mostly there for my own use and one can never tell the infinitely improbable consequences of what might happen if you, the viewing public, engage one randomly simply to satisfy your idle curiosity.