The Best of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly: Vol 1 — Anthology

Over the Hills and Far Away. . .and Hiding Right Next to You — John O’Neill
Man of Moldania — Richard Marsden
Leo Passimus Remembers His First Voyage — Danny Adams
The Black Flowers of Sevan — James Lecky
Monster in the Mountains — William Gerke
The Lay of Cuthred King — Joshua Hampton
Shadows From Firelight — R. Michael Burns
The Footman — W. E. Couvillier
Hero of Old — John Keller
A Bit of Backstory — the editors
No Two Stones — Christopher Wood
What Sieglinde Serpentslayer Said to the King — Megan Arkenberg
The Sea Wasp — Robert Rhodes
Lord of the Brass Host — Dariel R.A. Quiogue
The Last Free Bear — J.S. Bangs
Lament for the Fathers — Joshua Hampton
Shattering the SpearP. Djeli Clark
The Baroness Drefelin — David Pilling
Gilgamesh (What the Sumerians Seem to Have Missed) — David Sklar

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