Griots: Sword and Soul — Anthology

The Soul In the Sword — Charles R. Saunders
A Gathering At The Meeting Tree — Milton J. Davis
Mrembo Aliyenaswa — Milton J. Davis
Awakening — Valjeanne Jeffers
Lost Son — Maurice Broaddus
In the Wake of Mist — Kirk A. Johnson
Skin MagicP. Djèlí Clark
The Demon in the Wall — Stafford L. Battle
The Belly of the Crocodile — Minister Faust
Changeling — Carole McDonnell
The General’s Daughter — Anthony Nana Kwamu
Sekadi’s Koan — Geoffrey Thorne
The Queen, the Demon, and the Mercenary — Ronald T. Jones
Icewitch — Rebecca McFarland Kyle
The Leopard Walks Alone — Melvin Carter
The Three-Faced One — Charles R. Saunders
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