Provenance — Ann Leckie

After the two inbetweenie shorts we’re back to novel length stories in the Imperial Radch Universe.

In this story we find ourselves on a planet outside of the Radch empire who are having a bit of a political squabble with some neighbours over the jump gates in their neighbourhood, and also quite a bit of a political squabble amongst themselves.

Our protagonist, Ingray, is trying to show her mother that she’s better than her brother because they’re competing for her inheritance, but Ingray keeps blundering through, making mistakes, because she’s unearthed a can of worms that others have set in motion.

In some ways there’s a continuation of the Imperial Radch Trilogy in that people are talking about the upcoming Conclave with the Presger.   The Geck have already sent an ambassador, who has gotten itself sidetracked chasing down a Geck fugitive, which just happens to fall right in Ingray’s path, turning her plans upside down as well.   But, as everyone says, it’ll be a very long time before the Conclave happens, and i think this is Ann’s way of saying there’ll be a lot more of these side stories before we get to the Conclave.   I do hope so because this is a wonderful universe that Ann has created and it’s nice to get out and explore it’s many cultures and life forms.

All in all though, Provenance has been a really good story.   There’s plenty going on and Ingray is a wonderful protagonist to follow this story through.

Next up, Ann has written Translation State, also in this universe.   Which i’m diving straight into eagerly.

Bye for now.

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