She Commands Me and I Obey — Ann Leckie

She Commands Me and I Obey -- Ann LeckieWell this was not what i expected.

Apparently, supposedly, based in the same universe as the Imperial Radch Trilogy, i was expecting something as good as the trilogy but instead got this jumble-luted mess of names that was just ridiculous to follow.

Really, your readers expect much, much better, Ann.   Although, as i have said in the past, every writer is allowed to write something utterly below their abilities once in while.   But it’s still annoying to wade through this nonsense.

Even the sports match was just nonsense.   Was it like a game of tennis or something?   I really couldn’t work out what the game was about.

Onwards and upwards, next in this universe is Provenance, i do hope for much better.

Bye for now.

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