Ninja Foodi — Mixed Beans

Ninja Foodi MaxHow to make the perfect mixed beans in a Ninja Foodi

There is no need to pre-soak the beans or change the water.   The slow cooker takes care of the soaking bit and this is all the water the beans need, they’ll absorb it all.   When you’ve finished cooking these you will notice that the adzuki beans will have turned to mush and absorbed all the leftover, nutritious, bean cooking water, this is supposed to happen, it’s nice like that – mixed beans in pure bean sauce.

The following recipe is for a 7.5 lt Foodi.   If you’re using a 6 lt Foodi use 200 g of each bean and reduce the water to 2 lt)

This will make about 3500 g of cooked beans so you’ll need some containers to freeze a whole bunch down. I freeze them in 450 g batches and add them to everything i eat — super duper banging healthy.

250 g Chick Peas
2.4 lt Boiling Water

Start “Slow Cook” 4:00 on Hi

When countdown gets to 3:30 add:

250 g Soy Beans
250 g Black(Turtle) Beans
250 g Pinto Beans

When countdown gets to 2:55 give the beans a stir.

Continue slow cooking on Hi until timer reaches 2:20, turn off the Foodi, the slow cooking is done.


250 g Adzuki Beans

Stir to mix in with other beans

Turn off slow cooker and start pressure cooker on Lo set for 10 minutes.

When the pressure cooker beeps, do not release pressure.   Just leave it until the count up timer reaches 35 minutes and then release any left over pressure.

Stir beans well and place in a sink full of cold water to cool them with a lid on.   Continue to replace the cold water as the beans cool and the water warms.

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