Science Fiction: The Best of the Year 2007 — Anthology

Science Fiction: The Best of the Year 2007 -- AnthologyAll copyright 2006.


Another Word for Map is Faith — Christopher Rowe
Okanoggan Falls — Carolyn Ives Gilman
Saving for a Sunny Day — Ian Watson
The Cartesian Theater — Robert Charles Wilson
Hesperia and Glory — Ann Leckie
Incarnation Day — Walter Jon Williams
Exit Before Saving — Ruth Nestvold
Inclination — William Shunn
Life on the Preservation — Jack Skillingstead
Me-Topia — Adam Roberts
The House Beyond Your Sky — Benjamin Rosenbaum
A Billion Eves — Robert Reed

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The Years Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2009 — Anthology

The Years Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2009 -- AnthologyAll copyright 2008-9.


26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss — Kij Johnson
Shoggoths in Bloom — Elizabeth Bear
Glass — Daryl Gregory
The Hiss of Escaping Air — Christopher Golden
Araminta, or, The Wreck of the Amphidrake — Naomi Novik
We Love Deena — Alice Sola Kim
The Art of Alchemy — Ted Kosmatka
Falling Angel — Eugene Mirabelli
The Fifth Star in the Southern Cross — Margo Lanagan
King Pelles the Sure — Peter S. Beagle
Character Flu — Robert Reed
Gift from a Spring — Delia Sherman
The Region of Unlikeness — Rivka Galchen
Daltharee — Jeffrey Ford
The Ray-Gun: A Love Story — James Alan Gardner
The God of Au — Ann Leckie
The Fantasy Jumper — Will McIntosh
The Magician’s House — Meghan McCarron
Balancing Accounts — James L. Cambias
Suicide Drive — Charlie Anders
The Small Door — Holly Phillips
The Eyes of God — Peter Watts
Firooz and His Brother — Alex Jeffers
Infestation — Garth Nix
A Water Matter — Jay Lake
The Golden Octopus — Beth Bernobich
Blue Vervain Murder Ballad #2: Jack of Diamonds — Erik Amundsen
The Road to Levinshir — Patrick Rothfuss
Fixing Hanover — Jeff VanderMeer
Boojum — Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette
The Difficulties of Evolution — Karen Heuler
Catherine Drewe — Paul Cornell
Silent as Dust — James Maxey
Evil Robot Monkey — Mary Robinette Kowal
If Angels Fight — Richard Bowes
Spiderhorse — Liz Williams
The Tear — Ian McDonald

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