Abaddon’s Gate — James S. A. Corey

Abaddon’s Gate -- James S. A. CoreyI didn’t find this book as good as the previous ones, which i put down to a character thing.

Too much christian waffle: i live in hope that by the time Hominids are travelling the whole solar system we’ll have gotten over this all the organised religion thing and seen it for what it truly is.   I found it beyond tragic that people were still clinging to this twaddle.

And i also found Clarissa just tedious and annoying: like a lot of spoiled rich brats that i’ve known in my life.   I really don’t like reading about them and having to endure their thinking.

Still, it has it’s good parts, which do balance the few crap characters and religiosity out and offer some redemption (pun intended) for those expecting something better.

I’ve now dived straight into The Vital Abyss, which is much better and more like what i expect from this series.

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Caliban’s War — James S. A. Corey

Caliban's War -- James S. A. CoreyThe second full length novel in “The Expanse” series.   And what a novel it is.

The protomolecule has now taken over Venus and while it is now the most watched and analysed thing in the solar system, no one has any idea what is going on beneath Venus’ clouds.

Meanwhile, on Ganymede, a space monster attacks a whole load of UN and Martian marines, and leaves only one alive.   Then all hell breaks loose between Earth and Mars and Ganymede gets laid to waste.

And while all this is going on someone is kidnapping children with a rare immune disorder.

And so the stage is set for a super long read.

All our favourite characters from the first series are back, and a few more really good new characters are thrown into the mix.

Super good, great writing, all round awesome sci-fi.

Next up is Gods of Risk.

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Omni Best Science Fiction Two — Anthology

Omni Best Science Fiction Two -- Anthology


All the Perfumes of Araby – 1992 — Lucius Shepard
The Robot and the One You Love – 1988 — Tom Maddox
Chimera Dreams – 1986 — Gregg Keizer
The Pear-Shaped Man – 1987 — George R. R. Martin
Kingdom Come – 1987 — Bruce McAllister
Mother’s Milt – 1992 — Pat Cadigan
Black Velvet – 1992 — Maggie Flinn
One Small Step for Max – 1992 — Dan Simmons
The Cave Painting – 1992 — Garry Kilworth
In the Month of Athyr [Winterlong] – 1992 — Elizabeth Hand

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Leviathan Wakes — James S. A. Corey

Leviathan Wakes -- James S. A. CoreyAfter a few little novellas it’s been a joy to get into some real long distance reading: it’s a rather large book!

Great characters, superbly well written, non stop action, excellent dialogue (both internal and external); i really can’t fault this book.

Do remember to have a little break during this to read The Last Flight of the Cassandra.

And now i have the second huge tome, Caliban’s War, to dive straight into.

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The Last Flight of the Cassandra — James S. A. Corey

The Last Flight of the Cassandra -- James S. A. CoreyThis story occurs immediately after Holden makes his announcement that the ice hauler was destroyed and a piece of tech with a Mars stamp on it was discovered.

The Cassandra is flying hand to mouth already and they realise that with the coming price fluctuations they won’t be able to continue flying.   So they go off to an asteroid in a last attempt at turning a profit: finding something that could change everything for them.

A good little story that i would suggest reading as soon as the Holden announcement goes out, or, you could wait until the end of Leviathon Wakes and read it then.

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The Butcher of Anderson Station — James S. A. Corey

The Butcher of Anderson Station -- James S. A. CoreyAnother back story for one of the series main characters.   This time it’s Fred Johnson’s turn as we look back at the events of Anderson Station and how they shape his future self.

Next book in the series is Leviathon Wakes, and it’s a big, big long one: it might be a while before my next review.

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Edge of Infinity — Anthology

Edge of Infinity -- AnthologyAll stories copyright 2012.


The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi — Pat Cadigan
The Deeps of the Sky — Elizabeth Bear
DriveJames S. A. Corey
The Road to NPS — Sandra McDonald and Stephen D. Covey
Swift as a Dream and Fleeting as a Sigh — John Barnes
Macy Minnot’s Last Christmas on Dione, Ring Racing, Fiddler’s Green, the Potter’s Garden — Paul McAuley
Safety Tests — Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Bricks, Sticks, Straw — Gwyneth Jones
Tyche and the Ants — Hannu Rajaniemi
Obelisk — Stephen Baxter
VaingloryAlastair Reynolds
Water Rights — An Owomoyela
The Peak of Eternal Light — Bruce Sterling


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Signal to Noise — Alastair Reynolds

Signal to Noise -- Alastair ReynoldsAvailable in the collection, Zima Blue and Other Stories.

Alastair wrote a love story: awwwwwww.

And . . . . . . it’s rather good.

Although . . . . . . i’m not really a fan of all this parallel universe nonsense, because it is nonsense, just like flat earth nonsense.

But . . . . . . done right, like Alastair can, you can find some good stories in a parallel universe as long as you ignore all the nonsense bits.

All that aside . . . . . . next up in Alastair’s bibliographic timeline is The Six Directions of Space, which i’ll be eagerly devouring in the next week or so.

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Cardiff Afterlife — Alastair Reynolds

Cardiff Afterlife -- Alastair ReynoldsAvailable in the collection, Zima Blue and Other Stories.

Oh dear, just when i thought it was safe to read Alastair again he had to go and start writing parallel universe nonsense stories once more.

Oh please someone assure me that this is the last of Alastair’s delusions that parallel universe stories are any good, or that the theory holds any water at all. Seriously, it’s just utter twaddle.

Anyway, next up in Alastair’s publishings will be Terminal World, let’s hope that isn’t more parallel stuff twaddle nonsense.

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Before We Say Goodbye — Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Before We Say Goodbye -- Toshikazu KawaguchiThe fourth book from this rather enjoyable series: at least it had been rather enjoyable up to this book.   But i’m beginning to feel that Toshikazu is beginning to get a bit repetitive and the cafe is beginning to become a little stale.

I think that Toshikazu is simply rushing out books and not really making any effort to create something new and interesting, which is a shame.   I really feel that what this series needs is for Toshikazu to just put it down for a while and not come back to it until he has something new and interesting to bring to the cafe.

That’s my thoughts on the matter, it really doesn’t need to be ruined to meet a deadline, either with the publisher or with Toshikazu’s bank account.

Bye for now.

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A Fire Born of Exile — Aliette de Bodard

A Fire Born of Exile -- Aliette de BodardAnother super good story from Aliette’s Xuya universe.   I’m thinking this is probably the longest one so far: it’ll certainly keep you occupied for a good while.

Our protagonist, and her mindship friend, have both come back from the dead (that’s the exile bit) hell set on revenge against those who executed them.   But revenge isn’t quite as straight forward as they would like it to be.

If you haven’t read any Xuya stories yet then get yourself over to Aliette’s “all things Xuya page” and find out where to start and what it’s all about.   Basically, it’s just really good sci-fi, from a really good writer, with a wonderful Asian flavour to it all.

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Kalicalypse — Anthology

Kalicalypse -- AnthologyCopyright 2022 unless otherwise stated.


The New Humans — Trishna Basak
Kali_Na – 2019 — Indrapramit Das
The Art of PossibleYudhanjaya Wijeratne
The Daughter That Bleeds – 2018 — Shweta Taneja
The New Migrants — Navin Weeraratne
Anamnesis — Rupsa Dey
The Architecture of Loss — Salik Shah
Tethered — Haris A. Durrani
Steeling Minds — Kehkashan Khalid
The Almighty — Zafar Iqbal



Translation State — Ann Leckie

Translation State -- Ann LeckieI get the feeling these latest books by Ann are fleshing out the universe she introduced in the Imperial Radch Trilogy and its many varied lifeforms and AI’s.

That’s not to say they’re not enjoyable, well written stories in their own right, they are. And i thoroughly enjoyed this one as well as Provenance, which introduced us to the Geck.

In this story we’re being introduced more intimately to the Presger Translators, who are genetically engineered, very strange beings.

To be honest, i’m looking forward to lots more of these books as we slowly moved towards the Conclave where they all will come together to discuss whether to accept the Two System’s AI’s into the treaty.

Bring it on.

Bye for now.

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Provenance — Ann Leckie

After the two inbetweenie shorts we’re back to novel length stories in the Imperial Radch Universe.

In this story we find ourselves on a planet outside of the Radch empire who are having a bit of a political squabble with some neighbours over the jump gates in their neighbourhood, and also quite a bit of a political squabble amongst themselves.

Our protagonist, Ingray, is trying to show her mother that she’s better than her brother because they’re competing for her inheritance, but Ingray keeps blundering through, making mistakes, because she’s unearthed a can of worms that others have set in motion.

In some ways there’s a continuation of the Imperial Radch Trilogy in that people are talking about the upcoming Conclave with the Presger.   The Geck have already sent an ambassador, who has gotten itself sidetracked chasing down a Geck fugitive, which just happens to fall right in Ingray’s path, turning her plans upside down as well.   But, as everyone says, it’ll be a very long time before the Conclave happens, and i think this is Ann’s way of saying there’ll be a lot more of these side stories before we get to the Conclave.   I do hope so because this is a wonderful universe that Ann has created and it’s nice to get out and explore it’s many cultures and life forms.

All in all though, Provenance has been a really good story.   There’s plenty going on and Ingray is a wonderful protagonist to follow this story through.

Next up, Ann has written Translation State, also in this universe.   Which i’m diving straight into eagerly.

Bye for now.

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She Commands Me and I Obey — Ann Leckie

She Commands Me and I Obey -- Ann LeckieWell this was not what i expected.

Apparently, supposedly, based in the same universe as the Imperial Radch Trilogy, i was expecting something as good as the trilogy but instead got this jumble-luted mess of names that was just ridiculous to follow.

Really, your readers expect much, much better, Ann.   Although, as i have said in the past, every writer is allowed to write something utterly below their abilities once in while.   But it’s still annoying to wade through this nonsense.

Even the sports match was just nonsense.   Was it like a game of tennis or something?   I really couldn’t work out what the game was about.

Onwards and upwards, next in this universe is Provenance, i do hope for much better.

Bye for now.

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