Upgrade — Blake Crouch


Once again, Blake has written one of the best pieces of sci-fi i’ve ever read.   A literary wonder.   Totally un-put-down-able.

Not only is this a great story about the coming environmental apocalypse and the extinction event that will wipe Homo sapiens from the face of the Universe, this is also a great critique of Homo sapiens’ hubris and arrogance with regard to Nature.

Homo sapiens has got this seriously fucked up idea that it can control and rule Nature and that there’s no need to change the way we are because science will always find an answer to all our woes.

This is one of those books that i’ll be telling everyone i know to read — it’s that good — even though i know probably none of them will bother to read it because, hey, what do they need to know that they can’t watch on television or Youtube?

Anyway, i’m off back to Alastair Reynolds to finish off the last 7 of his books that i haven’t read already.

Bye for now.

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