The Midnight Library — Matt Haig

The Midnight Library -- Matt HaigA bit of a strange book.   I like the idea of being stuck in limbo, just on the edge of death, and going through all your regrets and considering what you could have done differently; how it might have all worked out if only you’d gone for that cup of coffee, or hadn’t quit the band, etc..   But what i don’t like at all is why it had to be dumped into the parallel/multiple universe twaddle.   Parallel/multiple universe twaddle is just twaddle and it really doesn’t need promoting.

Scientists who bang on about god being nonsense who then claim that every time we make a decision a whole new universe if formed are obviously more deluded that people who believe in god – and that’s pretty deluded.

Schroedinger’s cat is not neither alive nor dead, it’s not stuck in a quantum state in between.   It’s either dead or alive, one or the other, you can’t have both.   Locking it in a toxic box and pretending that it’s neither of either until you open the box is just the most ridiculous thing to come out of science.   Yes, if a tree falls in the woods and you don’t hear it does still make a rather big noise, ask the fox.

That said, if you just read the book as about someone stuck in limbo, in that timeless moment just before death, then it’s a really good book.   It just doesn’t need the twaddle.

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