Born to Run — Christopher McDougall

Born to Run -- Christopher McDougallAs a bare foot runner myself i’ve been meaning to read this book for a very long time, but it just kept on sitting in my to-read pile always being overlooked for some exciting fiction to read instead.   But now, finally, i dived in and got it read.

And it’s really good.   Christopher has a way of writing that is just captivating and really takes the reader into the depths of the Copper Canyons to meet the Tarahumara and to experience a world that was left behind a long time ago.

To be able to look back in time in this way with the Tarahumara and to see just what super healthy, wonderful, running machines, Natural humans truly are when they’re not pampered by modern appliances and poisoned by modern diets.

This book is a must for anyone who runs, especially for anyone who is even thinking about taking up running, and also for anyone remotely interested in Human evolution and what makes a Homo sapien so special amongst all other animals.

So if you haven’t read it yet, just do so.   It’s wonderfully written and a super page turning read meeting some really interesting characters (all true life characters) along the way.   It’s not only a great read but a great journey.

And, having enjoyed his writing soooo much, i’m now very much looking forward to reading Christopher’s other books.

Bye for now.

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