The Gods of HP Lovecraft — Anthology

Call the Name • [Cthulhu] — Adam LG Nevill
The Dark Gates • [Yog-Sothoth] — Martha Wells
We Smoke the Northern Lights • [Azathoth] — Laird Barron
Petohtalrayn • [Nyarlathotep] — Bentley Little
The Doors that Never Close and the Doors that Are Always Open • [Shub-Niggurath] — David Liss
The Apotheosis of a Rodeo Clown • [Tsathoggua] — Brett J. Talley
Rattled • [Yig] — Douglas Wynne
In Their Presence • [The Mi-Go] — Christopher Golden & James A. Moore
Dream a Little Dream of Me • [Nightgaunts] — Jonathan Maberry
In the Mad Mountains • [Elder Things] — Joe R. Lansdale
A Dying of the Light • [Great Race of Yith] — Rachel Caine
Down, Deep Down, Below the Waves • [The Deep Ones] — Seanan McGuire

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