The Dragon that Flew out of the Sun — Aliette de Bodard

The Dragon that Flew out of the Sun -- Aliette de BodardWell this is a new one on me: genocide by nebula.

It does make one wonder what depths of fucked-up-ness humans will descend to as we get ever more dangerous technology to play with.   Like what will happen when we eventually develop the ability to destroy whole suns, allowing one group of Homo sapiens to eradicate another, purely out of fear and mistrust, or just plain and simple, old fashioned, nastiness.

I like to think that future species of Hominids will be a lot nicer than this current bunchacunts, the arrogantly self titled Homo sapiens.   Heaven help the universe if Homo sapiens ever escapes this solar system.

Anyway, it’s free to read over at Uncanny and also in the collection The Dragon that Flew Out of the Sun and Other Stories, so have at it.

Next up: The Citadel of Weeping Pearls.

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