Briarpatch — Season 1

After Mr. Robot ended i went in search of more Sam Esmail stuff and found this.

If i was to compare it to anything of recent times then it would have to be Perpetual Grace Ltd..   If you enjoyed PGL then you’ll most probably enjoy this also: both quirky and oddball and both super good.

It’s being reported that this will be the only ever season, and to be honest, it doesn’t need any more and i don’t want any more.   It’s just perfect as it is, ending as it does.   It isn’t broken at one season long so please don’t try and fix it with a second season.

Some day, all tv will be made this way.   Afterall, what the fuck is wrong with just having single season wonders?   Why do we always have to have tv shows go on and on and on, with writers, producers and directors just filling in hours upon hours with tedious shit simply to get some money from tv stations?

Yes folks, i certainly like this one season format.   This is great television, great writing, great acting, great all round everything.

Pay attention and enjoy, you can binge watch the whole thing in a day.

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