Terminal World — Alastair Reynolds

Terminal World -- Alastair ReynoldsA rather strange mix of steampunk and sci-fi with a hint of fantasy thrown in.   All in all, a rather good mix.

This is another one of Alastair’s trilogy in a single novel book, so if you aren’t in for a long haul then don’t bother.   But if you don’t mind a thousand Kindle Loc points of reading to get through this’ll keep you going.

While i didn’t find it anything like the normal page turners that Alastair generally puts out, i did keep coming back to it twice a day for a little read and soon got through it.

So, while not the greatest thing that Alastair has ever written, and personally wishing he’d just stick to the sci-fi that he’s so brilliant at, it’s still a fairly good read.

Next book in Alastair’s timeline is Troika.

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