Shadow Captain — Alastair Reynolds

Shadow Captain -- Alastair ReynoldsI tried, i really did, but i just can’t take any more and i’ve given up on this stupid trilogy.   It’s all too much young adult for me and, worse than that, it’s not even very good young adult.   It’s just totally unbelievable nonsense.

A child is playing silly games with grown ups, the grown ups know the child is playing silly games with them but they keep letting the child have its way even though the child is probably going to get them killed.   Yeah, right!

Alastair should stick with what he does best, sci-fi for intelligent grown ups.

So, unfortunately, my quest to read everything by Alastair Reynolds has come to an end.   I’m not reading the rest of this trilogy unless someone pays me £1000.

So, skipping ahead, the next book in Alastair’s literary arsenal is Permafrost.   Let’s hope he’s back to normal and it’s as good as his usual stuff.

Bye for now.

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