The Molecule of More — Daniel Z. Lieberman and Michael E. Long

A rather interesting book all about dopamine, and how it controls us and shapes our world.

Me thinks everyone should read all the books they can about neurotransmitters, this being a fairly good one.

The annoying thing to me is that while there’s quite a lot of discussion on how our genetics affect out dopamine levels and responses, there is a complete lack of discussion on epigenetics, as though they have no influence whatsoever.   There’s also a complete lack on how diet and lifestyle affects dopamine and other neurotransmitters.   So while this is a fairly good look at dopamine in general, i wouldn’t take it all at face value because there’s simply too much left out, IMHO.

But lots of people just want to blame the genes they were given and take the “It’s not my fault” path, so maybe this book is written for them.

Bye for now.

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