Self Aware — Matt Martinez

Self Aware -- Matt MartinezA.I. and that — and it was free so i thought i’d may as well give a new writer a try.

It was rather a disappointment.

At no point does it explain how this AI is a cyborg — or how a cyborg could be classed as an AI.   It makes clear that it was completely manufactured so where the term cyborg is relevant to this i have no idea.   One would think that a when one sets out to write about a cyborg one would spend at least a minute or two at Wikipedia and find out what the term meant.

This is also a short-story/novella kind of thing and one would also think that with the couple of minutes at Wikipedia the writer would get a friend who can read to go quickly through the book and point out the errors.   Missing words and jumbles are pretty inexcusable for a book this size.

And the story is quite unimaginative and wishy washy, with no effort being made to the actual realism of experimenting with a military cyborg or AI or whatever it is.   How did this get out of the laboratory, why wasn’t it isolated from the facility’s mainframe/network?

Nothing much here to make me want to read anything else by this writer.


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