All the Retros at the New Cotton Club — DeAnna Knippling

All the Retros at the New Cotton Club -- DeAnna KnipplingA free book that i received when i signed up to the Wonderland Press newsletter.   I think you get a different free book now so you’ll have to go to Amazon and buy it now.

This is my first book by DeAnna and i was delightfully impressed with it.   Although it’s just a short little novella, it does allow you to sit quietly for an hour or so and read the whole book, quite easily in one sitting, with a cup of coffee and slice of cake — or whatever your reading thing is.

If you’re into the AI/VR stuff with downloaded/uploaded human minds (a bit like what goes on in Altered Carbon) then you’ll most probably really enjoy this.

I do hope that DeAnna writes some more stuff in this sci-fi arena: the New Cotton Club seems like a wonderful playground for many more literary adventures.

Wonderful stuff for a freebee, but worth paying for as well.

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