On the Steel Breeze — Alastair Reynolds

On the Steel Breeze -- Alastair ReynoldsThis is the second book in the Poseidon’s Children trilogy and a great follow on from Blue Remembered Earth.

Skipping quite a few years into the future there’s been some cloning and big ship building to take us to Crucible, the planet that Ocular discovered.

This story is mostly about the shenanigans of the first caravan of “holoships” that are well on their way, and also the shenanigans going on back in the solar system, and what good shenanigans they are too.

Super well written and totally captivating, as usual with Alastair, and a wonderful second episode in this trilogy.

Now i can’t wait to get my reading teeth into the final book in the trilogy, which is Poseidon’s Wake.   Bring it on!

Bye for now.

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