Blue Remembered Earth — Alastair Reynolds

Blue Remembered Earth -- Alastair ReynoldsThis follows on quite nicely from the future Earth setting of The Water Thief, albeit this story is about a family who made their fortune during the times of climate collapse, whereas The Water Thief is about a family dumped an all but forgotten in a climate refugee camp.

So definitely read The Water Thief before diving into this, it may give you a bit of perspective as to the what the world went through outside of the Akinya family.

But, i digress, what about this story?   Well, this story is the first in a trilogy that is another of Alastair’s super long narrations that he so wonderfully excels at.

The matriarch of the family dies and the family is set spinning down a trail of clues left behind by said matriarch, all while tearing itself apart along old lines of enmity.

And it’s a great paperchase of clues.

Slow starting, but stick with it, you’ll be well rewarded.

And now i’m diving straight into the second book of this trilogy, On the Steel Breeze.

Bye for now.

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