No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished — Rachel Aaron

Yeah . . .

. . . one more of these huge books is read, only two more to go.   My goodreads book reading tally is going to look a bit sad after this series: i was a few books ahead of my 70 book per year schedule when i started this series, i am now 6 books behind schedule and soon to be more when i finish the series.   But, ho hum, i think it’s very worth it.

This book picked up a bit with a few extra elements being thrown into the mix: various spirits, mages and other things besides, and i’m thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.

So yeah, keep on reading the earlier books when you feel they drag on a little as it’s all pays off well in the end.

And now it’s straight into A Dragon of a Different Color, which is the penultimate tome of dragonistic adventures.

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