Meeting of the Mas — Joseph R. Lallo

Meeting of the Mas -- Joseph R. LalloJust as i was about to start The Battle of Verrel Joseph released this month’s Patreon short story.   So i thought, i may as well have this as a little inbetweeny before diving back into the universe of Deacon.

I was really quite excited about getting to read a book with all 4 instances of Ma having a meeting as i can’t get enough of Ma:  the more the merrier.

My only complaint is that i wanted sooo much more of all the Mas.   I really do think they deserve their very own full length novel or even a dedicated trilogy.

But it’s a good little short and a good little inbetweeny while we await the next Big Sigma novel.

So how do you get it?

Originally available to Joseph’s Patreon supporters, but now also in Sidequests.

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