No More Kindle Fire

At long last Amazon have seen a bit of sense and renamed all the Kindle Fire tablets.

I am fed up with ‘people’ (i’m being polite) moaning about how crap Kindles are when what they’ve based their judgement on was a Kindle Fire.   Trying to explain to these ‘people’ that a Kindle Fire is not a Kindle, that they’re completely different things, and that a Kindle Fire is not an e-reader, is like trying to explain to a 3 year old in a toy shop why they can’t play with all the toys.   They stupidly bought the cheapest thing with a Kindle label on it to use as an e-reader and refuse to admit that they are the ones at fault because a little bit of reading before they purchased it would have revealed to them that a Kindle Fire is not an e-reader, it’s a tablet computer.

A little bit of research from the comfort of your arm chair would soon make anyone with a reasonable level of intelligence realise the difference.

A ‘Kindle’ is an e-reader.   It does not have a back lit LED screen that eats your battery life to a matter of a few hours.   A Kindle screen is e-ink and it only uses a tiny amount of power when the page turns to reset the e-ink on the screen.

A ‘Kindle’ has a higher resolution screen than a Fire giving you a much clearer print.

A ‘Kindle’ screen does not suffer from screen glare and can be read very clearly in high light situations.

A ‘Kindle’ is lighter.

A ‘Kindle’ is smaller.

A ‘Kindle’ battery life is in weeks, not hours.

So hopefully with Amazon removing the Kindle name from all of its Fire tablets we shouldn’t hear any more of this ridiculous moaning and ‘people’ calling their Fire tablets, Kindles: it’s not a Kindle, it’s a Fire.

To sum it up, if you want an e-reader, buy an e-reader.   If you want a tablet, buy a tablet.   Don’t buy a tablet and then start slagging off e-readers because you actually wanted an e-reader but bought the wrong thing.