Mech: Age of Steel — Anthology

Projekt: Maria — Peter Clines
All Together, Now — Ramez Naam and Jason M. Hough
Toy Soldier — James Swallow
Travailiant — Kevin J. Anderson and David Boop
Easy as Pie — Jody Lynn Nye
Theseus IV vs Mecha-Mishipeshu — C. L. Werner
Jägermeister — J.C. Koch
The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey — Shawn Speakman
After the Victory — M L Brennan
The Cold and the Dark — James R. Tuck
Of the Fire — Paul Genesse
Machine Heart — Patrick M. Tracy
Fadem — Anton Strout
I. Am. The. Pilot — Jason M. Hough and Ramez Naam
Vulture Patrol — Jennifer Brozek
Integration — Steve Diamond
Here We Go! Fight! — Kane Gilmour
Lady and the Wolf — Scott Sigler
The Stars Shine Home — Mallory Reaves
The Bonus Situation — Jeff Somers
A Single Feather — Marsheila Rockwell and Jeffrey J Mariotte
Birthright — Martha Wells
Rogue 57 — Jeremy Robinson
All For One — Mark Teppo
Ordo Talos — Graham McNeill

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