I Designed and Built My Very Own Custom Keyboard

Unveiling the 5t4n5-48 . . .

5t4n5-48 Keyboard

I had a few issues with the Lily58 that i didn’t quite get on with.   I made the row stagger more pronounced to match my finger length, which really does allow my fingers to relax more.   And i added the extra thumb buttons because i wanted dedicated Delete and Enter keys.

Sadly it lowered my speed a little, but that’s only temporary, and as i can relax more on this keyboard i’m sure that it will ultimately give better speed in the end.

5t4n5-48 Keyboard Typing Progress 38.65 WPM

There are a few niggles that i’m going to iron out in the Rev-2, but for now i’m really pleased with the improvement over the Lily58.

I’ll keep y’all up to date with my progress.

Bye for now!!!

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