Dangerous Gifts — Gaie Sebold

Dangerous Gifts -- Gaie SeboldThis book follows on perfectly from Babylon Steel, with all the usual characters we were introduced to in that book.   And it’s much the same kind of fantasy stuff that really isn’t for children as there’s a fair amount of sex and some quite graphic descriptions of interspecies relationships: Babylon is a whore house madam after all is said an done.

I have to say, Gaie has created a really interesting universe with The Planes and there’s obviously a much bigger story going on in the background concerning the rifts between The Planes, which i seriously hope Gaie is going to slowly uncover in further books in this series.

Please, please, please, Gaie, get writing more about Babylon and Co’.

So if you’re not offended by adult stuff mixed in with your fantasy stories the “Babylon Steel” series is definitely a place to visit on your reading list.   Enjoy!

If you want a bit more of Babylon Steel, you can go to her personal website, Scalentine, where she has a blog.

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