Babylon Steel — Gaie Sebold

Babylon Steel -- Gaie SeboldWow, what a great story.   I really enjoyed this book.   After reading some YA fantasy lately it was definitely time for some grown-up’s fantasy and this really fit the bill.

The only thing i’m unhappy about is that i’m utterly skint until i get paid on Tuesday so i can’t buy the second book until then, but rest assured, as soon as i wake up my computer on Tuesday morning i’ll be on Amazon buying it.

Great writing, great story, great book, what more can a reader ask for?

If you like fantasy that isn’t afraid of getting it’s hands dirty then i’m sure you’ll like this.   If, on the other hand, you like the nice fluffy fantasy stuff then just don’t look.

Next in the series is Dangerous Gifts.

If you want a bit more of Babylon Steel, you can go to her personal website, Scalentine, where she has a blog.

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