Broken Stars — Anthology

Broken Stars -- Anthology


Goodnight, Melancholy — Xia Jia
Moonlight — Liu Cixin
Broken Stars — Tang Fei
Submarines — Han Song
Salinger and the Koreans — Han Song
Under a Dangling Sky — Cheng Jingbo
What Has Passed Shall in Kinder Light Appear — Baoshu
The New Year Train — Hao Jingfang
The Robot Who Liked to Tell Tall Tales — Fei Dao
The Snow of Jinyang — Zhang Ran
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe: Laba Porridge — Anna Wu
The First Emperor’s Games — Ma Boyong
Reflection — Gu Shi
The Brain Box — Regina Kanyu Wang
Coming of the Light — Chen Qiufan
A History of Future Illnesses — Chen Qiufan


A Brief Introduction to Chinese Science Fiction and Fandom — Regina Kanyu Wang
A New Continent for China Scholars: Chinese Science Fiction Studies — Mingwei Song
Science Fiction: Embarrassing No More — Fei Dao

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