Atomic Habits — James Clear

Atomic Habits -- James ClearThis book is a must for everyone who wants to improve their lives in any way at all.

James dives deep into how our human brains work and how we’re hardwired, and gives great, sound advice as to how to use this hardwiring to our advantage instead of being mindless slaves to it.   I just wish i’d read this 40 years ago, but, it’s never to late to change and i look forward to the benefits that this information can bring to my life moving forward.   I would even go so far to say that his book should be essential reading at all schools: the sooner people can get this stuff into their heads the better their lives and their futures would be.

It’s definitely a keeper and a book that i know i’ll be re-reading some time in the future once i’ve done some work on it all.   In the meanwhile i just have to get on with the process as i’ve got some annoying habits to be rid of and good habits to build.

I repeat, once again, this book is a must.

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