Beyond the Aquila Rift — Alastair Reynolds

Beyond the Aquila Rift -- Alastair ReynoldsAvailable in the collections, Beyond the Aquila Rift, Zima Blue and Other Stories and the anthology, Love, Death + Robots: Volume One.

Another one of Alastairs moments playing with life suspension while in space flight.   For those who have read all of the Revelation Space series you’ll know that this can cause really fucked up dreams and states of mind when you’re coming back out of suspension.   Mix this state of mind with a spacers’ rumour that one day you’ll go so far you’ll end up beyond the Aquila Rift and you can really get a good head fuck going: with a nice twist at the end as well.

And the next book in Alastair’s publishing order will be Zima Blue.

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