5t4n5-48 Rev 1 – Keyboard Typing Progress – 53 WPM

17 days into my new keyboard and i’ve already surpassed my previous speed of 49.82 WPM . . .

5t4n5-48 Rev 1 - Keyboard Typing Progress - 53 WPM

Which is a pretty good speed increase, especially considering that i couldn’t type for the first 7 days of that due to me slicing the end of my thumb half off with a Stanley knife.   It had a big chunky dressing covering it up making it impossible to hit any of the thumb buttons on the left side.   Then once i got the dressing and Steri-Strips off, after the first week, the thumb took a few days longer before it felt under reasonable control again.

The other thing to consider in the speed difference between using Typelit and using Monkeytype is that Monkeytype tends to repeat the same words over and over again, without punctuation, capitals or numbers, whereas Typelit is the full on touch typing experience of typing the whole book out with every kind of typing challenge included.

Ergo, my jump from just under 50 wpm to 53 wpm, while quite a good achievement, clearly demonstrates that this new 5t4n5-48 Rev 1 keyboard is way faster than the original 5t4n5-48, because, while my typing is slowly improving over time, it’s not improving at the rate that this shows.

The accuracy in the Typelit screenshot is a little deceptive also, as it doesn’t change when you correct things.   So if you just ignore your mistakes and keep typing it’ll give you the same accuracy as if you’d corrected all your mistakes — which i find rather silly.   And yes, i do correct all my mistakes as i type, which you can see in the screen shot not having any mistakes in it, so essentially, that 53 wpm is for 100% accuracy.   If i’d just kept typing without correcting my mistakes it would have been a lot faster — but i consider that against the rules of touch typing, because one of the main points of power of touch typing is ones ability to immediately identify and correct ones mistakes while one is typing.

So next time you see someone on Youtube spewing letters on Monkeytype and claiming a typing speed of 100 or there abouts, just remember that that isn’t actually touch typing properly.   Tell them to go to Typelit and show how their amazing keyboard works when the whole gamut of what a keyboard should be able to do is put to the test.

Anyway, i’ll update next when i improve a bit more.

Bye for now!!!

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