5t4n5-48 Keyboard Typing Progress 49.82 WPM

On day 6 of my 5t4n5-48 adventure i managed to nearly hit 50 wpm . . .

5t4n5-48 Keyboard Typing Progress 49.82 WPM

. . . that’s well past my final Lily58 speed.

And 100% accuracy as well.  

This was after i O-ring modded it with two 2.5mm O-rings per keycap.   This sounds like a little overkill, but these are Akko Crystal Silver switches which have a very short activation point, and XDA keycaps which are quite deep.   Basically, if you want to get the speed out of these switches you need to O-ring each keycap well enough that they just activate reliably and then you want them to return as quick as possible.   The other way you can think of it is that every split second that the switch is depressed past its reliable activation point adds up over all the years of typing you will do in your life, ergo, every moment past that reliable activation point is a total waste of your life.

I’ll update next when i improve a bit more.

Bye for now!!!

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