Year’s Best SF 6 — Anthology

All stories copyright 2000.

Reef — Paul J. McAuley
Reality Check — David Brin
The Millennium Express — Robert Silverberg
Patient Zero — Tananarive Due
The Oort Crowd — Ken MacLeod
The Thing About Benny — M. Shayne Bell
The Last Supper — Brian Stableford
Tuberculosis Bacteria Join UN — Joan Slonczewski
Our Mortal Span — Howard Waldrop
Different Kinds of Darkness — David Langford
New Ice Age, or Just Cold Feet? — Norman Spinrad
The Devotee — Stephen Dedman
The Marriage of Sky and Sea — Chris Beckett
In the Days of the Comet — John M. Ford
The Birthday of the World — Ursula K. Le Guin
Oracle — Greg Egan
To Cuddle Amy — Nancy Kress
Steppenpferd — Brian W. Aldiss
Sheena 5 — Stephen Baxter
The Fire Eggs — Darrell Schweitzer
The New Horla — Robert Sheckley
Madame Bovary, C’est Moi — Dan Simmons
Grandma’s Jumpman — Robert Reed
Bordeaux Mixture — Charles Dexter Ward
The Dryad’s Wedding — Robert Charles Wilson
Built Upon the Sands of Time — Michael F. Flynn
Seventy-Two Letters — Ted Chiang

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