What Lot’s Wife Saw — Ioanna Bourazopoulou

What Lot's Wife Saw -- Ioanna BourazopoulouI read this soooo many years ago and decided to put it away for a few years before reading it again.   But the years came and went and finally i jumped in and did it.

And yes, i enjoyed it totally again.

It’s a rather strange book dealing with authoritarian rulers and their lackeys, but what happens if the lackeys decide to do something unexpected?

Set in a colony on where the Dead Sea used to be before it overflowed and flooded all the Mediterranean’s surrounding countries.   The colony now mines the special, addictive, purple salt that was sealed down beneath the ground and sells it to the rest of the world.

The authoritarian 75, based in Paris, own the colony and have a global monopoly on the salt it produces.   They have sealed it off from the outside world and only keep in contact with the governor via a green box delivered by a special ship. the governor, in turn, instructs his 6 lackeys to do his bidding.

And then, one night, things all change.   The governor’s 6 lackeys send 6 letters to the 75 explaining what happened and they in turn bring in Phileas Book, a constructor of strange crosswords for The Times to decipher the chaotic letters and to work out what the truth is and what really happened in the colony.

It’s a really strange story and quite unlike anything else i’ve read, but it is totally enjoyable and has a great ending.

Bye for now.

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