Transient Echoes — J. N. Chaney

Transient Echoes -- J. N. ChaneyI really enjoyed book one of this tetralogy, so i dived straight into book two, and really enjoyed this as well.

Not as flowing as the first book as it’s essentially two separate stories set on two separate worlds, but it still manages to flow fairly well.

As with the first book, there’s no words wasted on pointlessness.   Everything keeps the story moving forward, which is what we like.

More clues are added to the puzzle of what caused the Variant in the first place, yet i’m not left hoping for the answer any time soon as i’m quite enjoying putting the pieces together in my own head.   Yes, it’s definitely one of those, Can-you-guess-what-it-is-yet? stories.

And because you’re always eager for more clues to the puzzle you just have to keep reading.

And so it’s straight onto book three for me.

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