The Training of Socket Greeny — Tony Bertauski

The Training of Socket Greeny -- Tony BertauskiOh wow, that was rather exciting.   I usually read for about an hour or so at bedtime but last night i picked up this story at 21% in and couldn’t put it down until i’d totally devoured the lot.

The first third of the book mostly deals with Socket’s training and how bad he’s getting it from his trainer, his mother’s interference, his own issues with it, etc..   Then, while supposed to be taking a break at home it all begins to unravel for Socket as he moves closer to his final test, and then, big badda kaboom!!!   The last third of this book is relentless, and, for me at least, totally unputdownable.

Tony is a fantastic writer with a great imagination and the writing ability to convey it.

So, with that said, i’m off to dive straight into The Legend of Socket Greeny.

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