The Night Circus — Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus -- Erin MorgensternA wonderful piece of fantasy writing, and certainly not the normal fantasy stuff that seems to be churned out a lot these days.   I would put it on the shelf along side Neil Gaiman’s Stardust — if you liked that then you’ll like this.

The Night Circus is a wonderfully imagined place and i would love to read more stories from within and around it’s fence.   There’s definitely a lot of space within The Night Circus for more fun and adventure to be played out in further novels.

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  1. Added on 5 December 2018.

    Erin’s new book, ‘The Starless Sea’ is out 5th November 2019. Yeah, it’s a long wait, but i’m sure it’ll be well worth the waiting.

    I would like to think that i can slim down my Kindle ‘to read’ folder by then, but i’m sure it’ll be even bigger as i can’t stop falling for a good cover and title that’s on a Kindle daily/monthly deal.

    Ho hum, the trials and tortures us readers have to endure for these writers – suffering is me – i hope they appreciate it.

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