The Libra Gambit — Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown

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Once more, before i begin, i just wish to add that this was sent to me by Kathleen to read and review.

So now that’s out of the way, what did i think?

I think this follows on superbly from the first book in the series, The Gemini Hustle.   All our favourite good characters are back being their goodest best (my spell checker tells me that “goodest” isn’t a real word: stupid spellchecker!), the baddies are, once again, that perfect level of bad, and we even get some AI’s brought into the story: and i really like a good AI.   Who knows where the AI thing is going to go in future episodes, but i’m certainly hoping very much to hearing more about/from them.

On top of this there’s all the different aliens that appear, and also the clones, they call themselves ADs (Artificially Designed Human Life Forms) who are made up of interesting selections of human genes all mixed up into one person or, apparently, a whole crèche.

And there’s so much more to enjoy.   Like a hugely OTT prison break from a space station prison (yeah, in space), which starts off as a simple break-one-person-out and ends up just growing more and more OTT as the story goes on.

Once again, super fast paced which just keeps going and going, great characters, lots of different factions, a great universe setting, it’s just great all round.   It’s got everything a really good action adventure sci-fi novel needs.

Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown make a fantastic writing duo and i certainly hope this writing collaboration keeps on going and going and going.   I eagerly look forward to reading more from this universe.

Seriously people, if you haven’t started already, get reading this series.   It’s super duper fun.

Enjoy.   And be sure to check out the Outrageous Fiction website for some more great story treats.

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